Hilarious Whopper Ad Promotes Social Distancing

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It’s hard for most brands to get beyond “we’re here for you” references to the COVID-19 crisis, a message that is wearing thin with consumers. A few brands, though, are taking a slightly riskier approach and using humor. One of the best is from Burger King in Italy:

Adding triple onions to your Whopper would usually be a social faux pas, but today, it shows you are responsible. (Credits via Ads of Brands.) It’s hard to imagine anyone being offended by this humorous take on social distancing, even in these stressful times.

Working from home? You aren’t alone…

Burger King isn’t the only brand finding an amusing side to our predicament. Progressive Insurance has long taken a humorous approach in their ads, so it’s no surprise they reacted to the novel coronavirus crisis in that vein.

Realizing that almost everyone was using Zoom or other remote conference apps, often for the first time, they began rolling out a series of funny “work from home” ads in April:

Humor videos have mocked conference call woes like muted speakers and barking dogs for years, so the concept isn’t entirely new. But, with these ads Progressive leverages those memes into a brand message that says “we’re in this with you,” without sounding trite or corny.

Pandemic humor can be risky, but consumers are desperate to see a lighter side of their current situation. At least two brands are doing it right.

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